Gas Safety Tips

Worcester Gas Boiler Safety Tips

If you Smell Gas

If you smell gas at home, make sure to follow these important steps:

  • Ensure gas appliances haven’t been left on and unlit
  • Don’t smoke or use naked flame
  • Don’t unplug or switch anything electrical on or off
  • Open windows or doors
  • If your appliances are off, but the smell persists, turn off gas at meter
  • Call Bord Gáis 24 hour Emergency Line 1850 20 50 50
  • If you can’t get through, dial 999
  • Don’t use a phone in the immediate area of the leak, use a neighbour’s or call from outside

If you smell gas on the street:

  • Call Bord Gáis 24 hour Emergency Line 1850 20 50 50
  • Don’t assume someone else has reported the smell

General Safety Advice

If undertaking alterations at home yourself, you should follow these safety tips:

  • Before carrying out any ground work on your property make sure to locate any service lines that may be underground
  • Do not block or build around any existing air vents or flues
  • If creating a new living space, ensure it has ventilation in accordance with Building Regulations
  • If adding additional radiators, ensure that your boiler can cope with the additional capacity
  • If you are altering or adding appliances to a natural gas or LPG installation, ensure that work is carried out to the National Safety Standard: IS813:2002
  • Get professional advice on ventilation and flueing before embarking on alterations to your house
  • For general information on home alterations and the risks of Carbon Monoxide call 1850 79 79 79
  • If you require professional advice before embarking on home alterations, contact a Registered Gas Installer. Call 1850 20 06 94 and ask for a listing
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